General cleaning before going home

We cleaned up before going home. Last week, we changed the colors, removed the ticks, this week we cleaned the curtains, cleaned the ventilation fan, cleaned the washing machine, and the veranda …


Last, monja.

Speaking of which, yesterday was the last medical checkup for pregnant women in Tokyo, but then I went to Last Monja! This year, when I go home, I will return …


The last pre-mama classroom!

Pre-mama classroom, the third! ! It was the last time. Today is a postpartum story and a bathing experience. Breast care has become quite useful. Bathing is a daddy mom …


I love sweet potatoes too!

We have 31w pregnancy! Recently, fetus movement is not bobbing but becoming munyumnu, feet? Or hand? And it ’s been done. Let’s laugh, stomach …


To the long-awaited healing spot!

The typhoon is over! It ’s been a long time and it ’s hot… It ’s the midsummer again! It’s too hot and too hot … If you stay at home, you will get heat stroke.


Home remodeling!

A typhoon is coming today, and my husband goes to work when an alarm comes out. So, yesterday, I went shopping in Ikebukuro for a day, and until today


Brainwashing by price.

If you go to a fashionable restaurant, you will find olive oil along with the bread, but my family loves it, for breakfast